About Us

Maghrib in Past & Present | Podcasts is a forum in which artists, writers, and scholars from North Africa, the United States, and beyond can present their ongoing and innovative research on and cultural activities in the Maghrib. The podcasts are recorded at research centers, universities, and cultural venues across the Maghrib – Algiers, Carthage, Casablanca, Mostaghanem, Nouakchott, Oran, Rabat, Sfax, Tangier, Tripoli, and Tunis – and are based on lectures or performances before live audiences. Aiming to project the scientific and cultural dynamism of research in and on North Africa into the classroom, we too hope to reach a wider audience across the globe. Maghrib in Past & Present | Podcasts are in Arabic, English, French, Spanish, and Tamazight.

Maghrib in Past & Present | Podcasts is a production of the American Institute for Maghrib Studies (AIMS) and are recorded by its overseas research centers in North Africa: Centre d’Études Maghrébines en Algérie (CEMA), Centre d’Études Maghrébines à Tunis (CEMAT), and Tangier American Legation Institute for Moroccan Studies (TALIM). Use of content for classroom purposes and on other non-profit educational websites is granted (and encouraged) with proper citation.