The Worlds of Safia Farhat

 Episode 146

The Worlds of Safia Farhat

In this podcast, the visual artist Slim Gomri speaks about his role in preserving the artistic legacy of Tunisian fibre artist Safia Farhat (1924-2004). Having worked for a number of years at the Abdallah and Safia Farhat Foundation in Radès, near Tunis, Gomri has been involved in the programming of both the Centre des arts vivants and the Safia Farhat Museum in Radès. Established by Safia Farhat in 1982, the Centre des arts vivants offers residencies for artists and workshops in calligraphy, ceramics, textiles, photography, etching, and painting. The Safia Farhat Museum, which opened in 2016, displays Farhat's works, hosts a group exhibition once a year, and organizes film screenings. 

Slim Gomri is a visual artist based in Tunis. His photobook Vie de pêcheurs (2021) is inspired by the artist’s contact with the world of fishermen in different towns along the Tunisian coast. He is currently preparing a film on the fibre artist Safia Farhat, one of the most recognizable artists in Tunisian modern art.

This podcast is part of the Modern Art in the Maghrib series and was recorded on September 22, 2022, by the Centre d'Études Maghrébines à Tunis (CEMAT).

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We thank Dr. Jonathan Glasser, Cultural Anthropologist at au College of William & Mary, for his istikhbar in sika on viola for the introduction and conclusion of this podcast.

Edited and Posted by: Hayet Lansari, Librarian, Outreach Coordinator, Content Curator (CEMA).

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Slide 1: Oldest tapestry by Safia Farhat in the collection of the Safia Farhat Museum, Radès, Tunisia 

Slide 2: Safia Farhat Museum, Radès, Tunisia

Slide 3: Safia Farhat Museum, Radès, Tunisia

Slide 4: Safia Farhat Museum, Radès, Tunisia

Slide 5: Portrait of Safia Farhat 

Slide 6: Residency space, Safia Farhat Museum

Slide 7: Safia Farhat, Gafsa et ailleurs (1983), Venice Biennale, 2022